Hello, I thought it may be a good idea to jot down the story behind how Savage Wick came about.

I have successfully ran my own marketing and graphic design business from home for over 15 years now. Whilst I love what I do, in late 2019 my wife and I decided to launch another home business. Primarily selling natural wax candles and handmade body care products.


We had spent a lot of our own time, late nights and money getting this all set up. We prepared for a big push in the Summer of 2020. Our branding, website and launch product line were all finally ready. We were so excited and feeling optimistic for 2020 but out of nowhere Covid-19 and Lockdown happened.

Most of our planned trading was to be at live events, artisan markets, craft shows and fayres. With the whole country being in lockdown this practically killed the business there and then. My marketing company also took a massive hit overnight. Most of my regular clients immediately reigned in their marketing budgets. We also didn’t qualify for any of the government support and was in a bit of a pickle.


We had a fair bit of stock sitting around and wondered what to do with it all. I remembered some close friends of ours had a birthday approaching. Not being able to get to the shops I had the idea to personalise one of our lovely candles for them. The gift message was a bit rude, but knowing their sense of humour it was very well received and went down a treat!

Back in early March 2020 I coincidently had a vague idea about setting up some sort of novelty gifting candle business and reserved the name Savage Wick and now thought this was a good opportunity to test the water.

So I set about creating a whole range of cheeky gifting candles and built a new website under the Savage Wick banner thus creating savagewick.com. We also opened our first Etsy shop as we thought our candles with funny labels were ideal for the platform and the Etsy audience.

In a weird way the stars truly aligned for Savage Wick to be born. What started out life as a bit of fun quickly became a nice little business in it’s own right.


We have been totally blown away by the support we have received from our awesome customers and as well as our quality gifting candles we have also introduced a range of custom printed greeting cards. We have a few more ideas to explore and are currently looking at adding some more cheeky products to the Savage Wick range. Watch this space!

Savage Wick is a small family run UK based business and we truly appreciate every singe sale. It’s exciting to think about the future of Savage Wick and we positively look forward to the future. We hope you will join us on our journey.